About TARAgram Yatra
TARAgram Yatra is an annual event in India led by the Development Alternatives Group in partnership with international thinking – learning organisations, designed to deliberate on germane issues of development with the mission of inspiring sustainability in policy and practice. It brings together practitioners and policy makers from India and other parts of the World to share current thinking and define direction of action to alleviate poverty, regenerate the environment and tackle social deprivation especially in the developing world. With a mix of dialogue and field visits, the Yatra provides a platform for exchanging cutting edge ideas on how to realize a sustainable future. The event provides leads for follow-up on policies and action at the global, national and local levels. In the past two years, the TARAgram Yatra has contributed to form opinions around the concept of ‘Green Economy’ debated intensely at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development at Rio de Janeiro and helped build ideas for action for the Asia Pacific region presented to the International Poverty and Environment program.
About Development Alternatives
Development Alternatives (DA) is a not-for-profit organisation set up especially to promote sustainable development. Over the past 30 years, it has become widely recognised as a successful innovations organisation with a primary mission to create sustainable livelihood options in the developing world that can be replicated on a large scale. Development Alternatives' belief in the power of enterprise and the utility of the market has led to the establishment of its own green businesses, designed to take low carbon, resource efficient pathways to inclusive growth in areas such as rural housing, renewable energy, water management, sustainable agriculture, waste management and recycling from local to global scale. In the field of institutional design, it has worked on the governance, information and financing systems needed to underpin sustainable development at the bottom of the pyramid.