TARAgram Yatra 2014

 India  Post 2015: A Country in Transition 
 To Choose Our Future 
Yatra A Journey
TARAgram Yatra brings together practitioners and policy makers from India and the South Asian region to discuss issues of sustainability and identify what can we do more, different and/or better such that India transforms to a greener, more sustainable, resilient and inclusive economy. TARAgram Yatra 2014 "India - Post 2015: A Country in Transition - To Choose our Future" addresses rural and urban concerns in development looking at resilient rural livelihoods and a future landscape of sustainable and smart cities.
Good Practices
In the current era of challenges faced by the global citizens, the most urgent imperative today is to find alternative pathways to create an economy that is in harmony with nature and a society that is fair and just. TARAgram Yatra picked four basic concerns crucial for constructing the map for sustainable future:
  1. Urban water services
  2. Climate resilient development
  3. Biodiversity based livelihoods
  4. Green affordable housing
Policy Discussion
The Yatra involves a two or three day ‘pilgrimage’ by its participants to sites in different parts of the country to interact with development activities that are breaking new ground in ways that are both innovative and scalable. After the Yatra, we meet in Delhi with eminent practitioner and policy makers to share thoughts on the nature of a desirable development strategy. The plenary session, where we will share alternative perspectives to development is scheduled on 16th October 2014 from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm