Resource Efficiency and Green Transformation: Driving Change in Asia
 21-25 November 2011
Royal Plaza
New Delhi and
TARAgram Orchha
Madhya Pradesh

This year’s Yatra focused on the theme `Resource Efficiency and Green Transformation: Driving Change in Asia’. As a conjunct of the Ninth Session of the UNEP-IRP, the capacity building workshop expedited dialogue on crucial economic and development issues, connected the local and global contexts, and forged networks for new ventures and partnerships.

This year’s Yatra fostered a holistic approach to policy planning, the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources, the use of waste products in eco-manufacturing, and disentangling economic growth and development from environmental degradation.

Taking place in the DA Rural Livelihoods Resource Centre of Bundelkhand, India’s poorest and most economically vulnerable region, the Yatra connected two development priorities: those of resource management and fulfilling the basic needs of the most vulnerable in an ecologically responsible fashion.

Check dam in Bundelkhand
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