Resource Efficiency and Green Transformation: Driving Change in Asia
 21-25 November 2011
Royal Plaza
New Delhi and
TARAgram Orchha
Madhya Pradesh

Day IV - 20th Sept 2010

Recap - TARAgram Yatra 2010 – September 19

Adaptation for Livelihood Security – Ms. Marcella D’Souza, Executive Director, WOTR

Food Justice in a resource-constrained world – Ms. Marcella D’Souza, Executive Director, WOTR

Livelihood Linkages & Adpatation – Ms. Snehlata Nath, Founder Director, Keystone Foundation

The Green Economy Coalition

Green Economy in South America (building up from MDG7) - Mr. Hernan Blanco, Freelance Consultant

Policy Orientation to create enabling framework for green – Mr. Prabhjot Sodhi, Senior Programme Director, CEE

Green Economy Initiatives - Regional Perspectives – Dr. Subrata Sinha, Environmental Affairs Officer, United Nations Environment Programme for Asia and the Pacific (UNEP ROAP)

Macro-economic Environment for Green Investment - Mr. Mandar Parsnips, Environment Specialist, International Finance Corporation

Financial Exclusion Scenario - Mr. Vishal Mehta, Managing Director, Lok Capital Draft - TARAgram YATRA 2010 Declaration

Stimulating Inclusive Growth: Green Investment as a Key Driver - Mr Amitava Basu, Presdient, International Consultant and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd.

Draft - TARAgram YATRA 2010 Declaration

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