TARAgram Yatra 2017

TARAgram Yatra 2017 is an annual event that holds global multi-stakeholder consultations, organised by Development Alternatives, in partnership with the European Union, Green Economy Coalition, MAP-SA and La Caixa. This TARAgram Yatra will witness experts, policy makers, businesses, entrepreneurs, development practitioners and community based organisations coming together to reflect upon the principles and approaches for transitioning India towards a green and inclusive economy.   (Read More..)

20th and 21st September, 2017
Field Visit and Thematic Discussions
The transition to green and inclusive economies has been long initiated and deliberated both at national and global level; however, the current domestic and international landscape has created an opportune moment to accelerate it. With a mix of dialogue and field visits, the Yatra ‘Economies for People and Planet’ will advance an assessment framework for economies that gives balanced weight to economic prosperity, equitable opportunity, a healthy & productive environment and participatory governance to move towards the vision of well-being for people, profit and the planet.

Theme 1: Measuring What Matters   (Agenda)
Theme 2: Influencing Financial Flows   (Agenda)
Theme 3: Greening High Impact Sectors   (Agenda)
Theme 4: Investing in People   (Agenda)
Theme 5: Managing Natural Systems   (Agenda)
22nd September, 2017
The Indian economy, seen as a bright spot in the global landscape, holds the responsibility to meet the development needs of its billion-plus population. On closing day of TGY 2017, the Plenary will identify challenges and solutions towards a green and fair economy through a multi-stakeholder group of speakers and guests. This will be done through moderated discussions on 'Transitions towards a Green Economy' which will be preceded by sharing experiences and learning from the first two days of the Yatra. It is scheduled from 10 am to 2 pm.