TARAgram Yatra 2016

TARAgram Yatra 2016 is an annual event that holds global multi-stakeholder consultation, organised by the Development Alternatives in partnership TARA, HBF, GIZ, GEC, CII, CII-ITC, BMTPC, "laCaixa" Banking Solutions, CSA, UNICEF, UNDP and NABARD. Yatra 2016, to be organised on the theme: Policy Shifts for Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in India, will focus on the nature of policy shifts required to implement Agenda 2030, better known as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in our nation. Roundtable consultations and conversations on the issues that affect the relevant geographies in India will take place in the States, thereby infusing a flavour of ground realities into the dialogue. (Read More..)

20th September, 2016
trialogue 2047
Economic Transitions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals
TARAgram Yatra 2016 commences with trialogue 2047. For India to achieve SDGs, Development Alternatives believes that there is a need to revamp the principles governing our economic systems, with the aim to transition to a new green, inclusive, fair, and transparent economy. The trialogue 2047 seeks to answer some fundamental questions on the hurdles and opportunities for India to achieve economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social equity.

22nd September, 2016
Plenary Session
Policy Shifts for Implementing the SDGs in India
The Yatra involves a three day ‘pilgrimage’ by its participants to sites in different parts of the country to observe development activities that are breaking new ground in ways that are both innovative and scalable. After the Yatra, we meet in Delhi with eminent practitioners and policy makers to share thoughts on the nature of a desirable development strategy. The plenary session, where we will share alternative perspectives to development is scheduled on 22nd September 2016 from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm ... ...