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Sustainable Development in South Asia -
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 22-25 November 2012

Development Alternatives
World Headquarters
New Delhi and
TARAgram Orchha
Madhya Pradesh
TARAgram Mela 2012

Melas are synonymous to festivity, they reverberate cheer throughout India. These popular cultural gatherings are held across the country typically during harvest seasons or to mark the significance of festivals. To combine this expression of celebration to development agenda give it a new meaning. There is a celebration in learning.

Bundelkhand has been the karmabhoomi of Development Alternatives where an array of development initiatives has been implemented to enhance livelihoods.

Development Alternatives partners with various Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to collaborate in implementation and sharing experience within Bundelkhand. An Annual TARAgram Mela envisaged fulfilling the larger goal of cross-learning.

Objectives of Taragram Mela

  1. Sharing of experiences within the region
  2. Facilitate replication of innovative approaches to sustainable livelihoods.
  • The CSOs of Bundelkhand
  • Local government and district authorities
  • Local Banks and NABARD
  • Local Corporates
  • Community of Bundelkhand
TARAgram Mela is an annual event where CSO partners from Bundelkhand region showcase their work unique strength in the mela. The showcasing will be in the form of exhibitions, events within the mela, sale of products and dissemination and sharing information through various communication mechanisms. DA will host the TARAgram Mela in its premises. The local banks and corporates can be approached for collaborative funding. The Mela should become a one stop shop for all development approaches in the region. Eventually, donors can be invited, wherein, they can get an overview of development agenda’s of different organizations.

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