Resource Efficiency and Green Transformation: Driving Change in Asia
 21-25 November 2011
Royal Plaza
New Delhi and
TARAgram Orchha
Madhya Pradesh
YATRA – a Journey

To bring together top-level practitioners and policy makers from India and overseas to share current thinking on removing poverty, regenerating the environment and ensuring a decent life for our children. The TARAgram Yatra is an annual event organised by Development Alternatives and its partners to enable deliberation on the subject of sustainable growth, and to facilitate policy shifts in the areas of green job creation, green growth and resource management.

The Yatra’s international body of participants is convened to share cutting-edge ideas on building economies that do not jeopardise the future of our economy and environment. Participants have the opportunity to observe good practices in the field that contribute to resource efficiency and prudent management, to engage in capacity building through an encounter with innovative techniques and to discuss policy options for scale-up.

CLEAN-India programme Pahuj typical village house
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