TARAgram Yatra 2014

 India  Post 2015: A Country in Transition 
 To Choose Our Future 
Yatra A Journey
TARAgram Yatra brings together practitioners and policy makers from India and the South Asian region to discuss issues of sustainability and identify what can we do more, different and/or better such that India transforms to a greener, more sustainable, resilient and inclusive economy. TARAgram Yatra 2014 "India - Post 2015: A Country in Transition - To Choose our Future" addresses rural and urban concerns in development looking at resilient rural livelihoods and a future landscape of sustainable and smart cities.
The yatra's primary focus is Green invetment policy imperatives. It promises to be a unique platform to exmaine and connect crucial economic issues from the micro to the global context and open up a realm of opportunity for new ventures and partnerships.
The TARAgram YATRA 2010 will take place from 17-21 september 2010.The inaugral and veledictory sessions will be in New Delhi.Detailed dialogus and feild interaction at TARAgram DA's resource center in Orcha,Madya Pradesh from 18-20 september.