TARAgram Yatra 2017

TARAgram Yatra 2017 is an annual event that holds global multi-stakeholder consultation, organised by the Development Alternatives in partnership with GEC, European Union, La Caixa and MAPSA. TARAgram Yatra 2017, to be organised on the theme ‘Economies for People and Planet’ will focus on the strategic shifts that are imperative in economic policies across the globe that would be beneficial for both people as well as the planet. Field visits and thematic discussions on the issues that affect the relevant geographies in India will take place, thereby infusing a flavour of ground realities into the dialogue.   (Read More..)

20th and 21st September, 2017
Field Visit and Thematic Discussions
A ‘green’ economy is essentially one in which socio-economic systems are organised in ways that enable society to live well within planetary boundaries. The objective of the theme is to move towards an integrated assessment of economies that does not just measure progress in terms of monetary and fiscal health, but overlays social and environmental progress within the key indicators on which we track our progress. Field visits and Thematic discussions will take place at Orchha, Madhya Pradesh.
22nd September, 2017
The Yatra involving a two-day interaction at field level will conclude on the third day in Delhi involving various stakeholders, policy makers and eminent practitioners. The Plenary session will include sharing of insights that have emerged from the field during thematic discussions. The plenary session, where we will share alternative perspectives to development is scheduled on 22nd September, 2017 from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. ..